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Wed, Apr 3, 2024 9:00 PM


A Conversation With George Lopez. The politically fueled, no laughing matter standup comic is joined by cast members of the socially conscious sitcom he created, now in its second season - Lopez vs. Lopez.

And looking back as well on the creative trajectory from his little known start in the Ken Loach politically charged low wage worker uprising classic, 'Bread and Roses' to this sitcom, in which Lopez started out as a character - broke, homeless and living in his car.

Pacifica host Garland Nixon deciphers the US corporate media empire. And what it has to do with a stopped clock being right twice a day, America's backyard, mass murder soup kitchens, and Wall Street's Haiti gold loot...

Poetry Corner: The late, eminent Amiri Baraka performs 'Against Bourgeois Art' - a fiery fusion of poetry and jazz.

Team Human: A literary exploration of technology and human isolation. With connections to metaphors, riddles and optical illusions.

Bro On The Global Film Beat: 'Glazergate.' Arts Express Paris Correspondent Professor Dennis Broe dissects what went down with the Hollywood protest against the controversial Oscar speech delivered by that award winning director Jonathan Glazer for his unconventional holocaust drama, 'The Zone Of Interest.' - dedicated to a Polish Resistance fighter, her story enshrined in the film. 

The Fox Review: Coloring One's Past, And Whitewashing History and more 



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