Each station in the Pacifica Network has a Local Station Board whose members assist in the governance of the local station.

The Board members are elected from among the station's membership and staff, and some of them also serve on the Pacifica National Board. This Board represents you, the WBAI listeners and members and helps determine the current and future direction of the station. We urge you to get involved. Visit here regularly to see what the Board is doing and perhaps even participate in shaping the future of WBAI, an invaluable and iconic community resource.

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Board Members

Elected From Staff

Jack Devine   
R. Paul Martin   
Basir Mchawi   
Shawn Rhodes      Pacifica National Board
Max Schmid   
Andre Ward   

Elected From Listeners

Rachel Barr   
Scottye Battle   
Doc Shya Bey   
John Brinkley   
Priscilla Cancar   
Jack DePalma   
James Dingeman      Pacifica National Board
Eleanor Elizabeth Forman   
DeeDee Halleck    (Chairperson)
Maxine Harrison-Gallmon   
Bounubti Kamenthou   
Errol Maitland   
Katherine O'Sullivan   
Hazel Pinder   
James Sagurton      Pacifica National Board
Sharonne Salaam      Pacifica National Board
Marilyn Vogt-Downey   
Michael D.D. White    (Vice Chairperson)

Unelected (Non-Voting)

Berthold Reimers    (ex-officio - WBAI General Manager)
Kay Williams    (Secretary)