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** "Let's just say this - Hey, let's start a war..."

Trainwreck America - Intrepid investigative analyst and Pacifica host Garland Nixon breaks it down...

**"I'm so incredibly blessed to be a working actor, and to be somebody who has the opportunities that I do. And it is so not right, an actor who is living paycheck to paycheck - that's the crux of what we're fighting for..."

Alicia Witt Talks Movies, Music, And The Continuing Actors Struggle On The Picket Lines. Witt, who started out as a seven year old portraying strange and scary Alia in David Lynch's Dune, shares thoughts about the continuing actors strike against Wall Street dominated Hollywood East and West.

And, what the actress - known as well for Twin Peaks, The Sopranos, Nashville, Citizen Ruth, I Care A Lot, The Walking Dead and Orange Is The New Black, had to say about taking the time out during the strike to dive into her music - with her new album, Witness...

** "Man, I got suicidal and really wanted to kill myself. I had to listen to some blues to get rid of that terrible crushing feeling. I had never been so desperate in my life - I plucked that guitar as if I wanted the world to explode..."

Writers Corner: Miguel Gardel reads from his short story, Blues In America...

** "When I close my eyes, I see a profusion of fantastic flowers twirling in all directions - is this not a sign of incipient madness..."

Nine Minute Nietzsche: The final double deep dive episodes with Keegan Kjeldsen, a continuing exploration into the life and philosophical mysteries of Nietzsche. And what all of this may have to do with Machiavelli, Plato, Marx, the Pope as mafia don, brothels, pianos, paganism and madness... 

Sharper Movie Review

A kind of New World Order noir in its political death throes but still clinging to relevance even while withering away globally, at least off screen, Sharper gets it right when portraying without mercy US cutthroat culture. But owing to who controls the financing Hollywood East and West in the 21st century, namely Wall Street. Much in the same way that the corporate controlled media manipulates the narrative -  self-serving up popular uprisings as the disruptive real world villains. British director Benjamin Caron's Sharper gets the rage right, but not the reality.

Brilliantly convoluted and relentlessly ruthless concerning cutthroat capitalist society - dividing downtown NYC and down and out drug doomed Bronx from the deceptively elegant uptown enclave of Big Apple billionaires - Sharper tantalizes relentlessly revolving revenge with its dish served ice cold. Including mystery double femmes fatales, two but perhaps actually multiple romantic duos (Julianne Moore and John Lithgow; Justice Smith and Briana Middleton), and a wildly elusive collage of interchangeable predatory crooks counting possibly all of the above at one time or another - but to say more would diminish the delectably savage tense proceedings.

And which essentially renders Sharper as a concept and not just a title in need of just that, lacking a fearless and daring insight into the way things really are in America and the world today. Rather than flipping the script presumably for Wall Street studio money, and rendering their own class controlling the purse strings literally and on the film sets, as the victims instead of those demonized desperates below and raging at their door.

Prairie Miller



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