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Sat, Sep 24, 2022 6:00 AM


** "I liked the way he's been created here, as a kind of Sherlock Holmes. And I enjoyed playing all these different parts of him - and really the madness of Poe.."

Raven's Hollow: A Conversation With William Moseley. Moving on from his many manifestations in The Chronicles Of Narnia, the young British actor disappears into a very different supernatural gothic immersion shrouded in darkness, as the lesser known Edgar Allan Poe in his youth - and as a military man and despondent West Point cadet who orchestrated his own court martial.

And with Raven's Hollow described as neither biography nor one of Poe's stories, but rather according to the filmmaker 'a really cool mystery about Poe's youth - and a mystery that allowed me to fill it up with my own imagination.' And with Moseley including a rather Poe experience in his own life, when he was struck by lightning...

** "There were roughly ten thousand revolutionary students in the '60s and '70s that left the campuses and went to do industrial organizing...When I walked into a meeting of union contingent steel workers, these guys all with buzz cuts and very big bellies, I said I'm in the wrong meeting. And my surprise at the end, they said - we'll show you how to do it."

Fighting Times: On The Front Lines Of The Class War. A deep dive discourse into Jon Melrod's rip roaring memoir, 'a hellraiser for decades, ever since his groundbreaking union organizing on the shop floor of the United Auto Workers...'

Plus...Peach poem for the end of summer...Literary consciousness and the Spanish Inquisition... 



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