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Sat, May 14, 2022 6:00 AM


** "Language is the house of being - and we are its caretakers..."

Adieu Lacan: A Conversation with David Patrick Kelly. The veteran actor with an enormous range spanning Walter Hill's 48 Hours and The Warriors that led him to be dubbed 'a fierce actor like a grenade with the pin pulled' - to both singing Sgt. Pepper with John Lennon and portraying Lennon on stage back then - Kelly is into new, provocative dramatic challenges these days, discussed during this interview. And, while quoting Heidegger.

Namely, portraying the late controversial and eccentric, acclaimed post-Freudian French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan in this dramatic feature -the first of a two-part interview on the show - and soon to be seen in 'Night Music' as pioneering folklorist John Lomax. Adieu Lacan also stars Ismenia Mendes (Orange Is The New Black's Tali Grapes) as Lacan's autobiographically based psychotherapy patient.

And regarding his inspiration to tackle Lacan's complicated personality, "I came to Lacan, he had a big relation with James Joyce as a young student himself. He attended one of the first readings of Ulysses at Shakespeare And Company- and so that was a door for me..."

** The CIA Wants You - For the Dark Net, apparently.

Cancel Culture Un-Cancelled. Double agent recruitment, or simply psyops? Breaking it all down...

** "The subject on many writers' minds was surprisingly, not Ukraine - but the erasure of economies, landscapes and memories by that greedier form of capitalism..."

Bro On The Global Literary Beat: Lost People, Places And Spaces: The 2022 Crime Novel. Touching on Icelandic starving and displaced farmers; noir in the metropolis; the devastating impact of opioids on Appalachia systematically dumped on the region by Perdue Pharma; and 'cracking skulls and breaking red bones' of the workers in post-war Japan.

** "Through her own example, a part of the de-segregation experiment herself as a student born in 1960s Harlem, and the history of others, Theresa Canada provides insight into the slow process of de-segregation - and re-segregation..."

Book Corner: Desegregation of the New York City Schools: A Story of the Silk Stocking Sisters. Author Theresa Canada in a problematic excursion back down historical memory lane.

Plus...Poetry about Hollywood, tomatoes and Home Depot...



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