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Sat, Jan 22, 2022 6:00 AM


** "This is really a labor versus management story writ large - and a work environment so stressful as to be toxic..."

The Great Postal Heist: A Conversation with Director Jay Galione. The son of a postal clerk and union activist, Galione unravels the labor battleground that is the US Post Office - and in a deeply personal film.

And investigating all the darkest corners, as the brave postal workers across the country 'stand up to injustice on the job - and fight to save the People's Post Office.'

** Radio Drama Corner: "I don't know where he came from - nor who or what he was..."

** "I stand back and allow the characters to take me over. I've played everything, heroes and villains - and I am in that moment with that character, and she's telling me what to do."

Dee Wallace Checks In. And by way of explaining, not only her appearance as a veteran actress in hundreds of movies then and now, but taking up the challenges along with an occasional scream queen, of portrayals spanning fantasy, horror and comedy, and everything in between.

Including the conflicted mother in ET, Nettie the maid in The Stepford Wives, Ellery Queen, Starsky And Hutch, The Howling, Lou Grant, Halloween, The Twilight Zone, and most recently the occult feature The Nest. Wallace also shares predictions of how movies may change and why, under the impact of these pandemic years. 



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