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Sat, Dec 4, 2021 6:00 AM


** "I was like, what is going on here - and it derailed into something quite different, very dark..."

Silent Night: A Conversation With Lucy Punch.
There's of course the first day of Christmas, but what about the last - forever. The flamboyant comic actress describes this sort of satirical doomsday Christmas Eve gathering of friends and family at a country estate in the UK, as the hopelessly ecologically poisoned world is about to come to an end.

Punch, who starred in Lemony Snicket, portrayed Sylvia Plath along with a character designated as Karl Marx, both on a bedroom wall in How To Build A Girl - and has played Cinderella's stepsisters in at least four movies, phones in to the show from London. Discussing as well, Silent Night as a reflection of what's going down right now in the real world, connected to the ongoing pandemic crisis in the UK.

** "Harry follows a trail strewn with corpses and sex - confronting airline industry bigwigs, philandering generals, and an Okie foreman with ties to the Tulsa Massacre..."

Radio Drama Corner: A Hello To Arms - A Harry Palmer Mystery Paperback. Arts Express Paris correspondent Professor Dennis Broe reads from his latest noir novel, the second in his Harry Palmer LA trilogy.

** "Sometimes I feel invisible - and what are you doing here..."

Arts Express Playhouse
: Live on location from the 94th International Pun Competition in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota. Referencing watches, two pet vultures, and a restaurant on the moon where the atmosphere is terrible.

Plus...News From Strange Places...The Crime Scenes episode this week - a Christmas season stakeout at Amazon headquarters...along with Harpo Marx, and Artie Shaw's Nightmare... 



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