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Wed, Nov 23, 2022 21:00 PM

Hosts: Prairie Miller
  • Judd Hirsch Talks 'The Fabelmans,' 'Resistance: 1942.' -
  • Arts Express Playhouse: The Daodejing  - A solo performance presentation.
  • The Youth Report: Neo - Nazis In The House. Latina activist Kayla Popuchet describes turning up at the largest documentary film festival in the country 


** "It sounds like we're still in the Second World War...."

Judd Hirsch Talks 'The Fabelmans,' 'Resistance: 1942.'  The veteran actor delves into two of his new releases this month - Resistance: 1942 in which radio itself stars as a driving force of the French Resistance in the vanguard of mass movement communication and mobilization, evolving into that power of the Internet today.

And, what his portrayal of the mysterious Uncle Boris in that Steven Spielberg coming of age drama The Fabelmans is all about - "a key figure in Spielberg's life to whom he attributes becoming inspired to be a filmmaker." While Hirsch talks endless wars, Woodstock, and revisiting the road that took him to that sitcom classic Taxi, and what it has meant to him in his life.

** 'A provocative and ambiguous classic, its dialectical view of the world of all things being composed of opposites - and like a thread of voices responding to one another online...'

Arts Express Playhouse: The Daodejing - A solo performance presentation.

** "DOC NYC should be ashamed..."

The Youth Report: Neo-Nazis In The House. Movement For A People's Democracy young Latina activist Kayla Popuchet describes turning up at the largest documentary film festival in the country - and gets thrown out. Fearlessly protesting the presence on stage of a guest of honor from the Azov Battalion, Dmytro Kozatsky - who just happens to sport Nazi tattoos, and is fond of creating photographs of swastika carved pizzas.

  • Judd Hirsch, actor -
  • Kayla Popuchet, youth activist -

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