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Wed, Feb 14, 2024 10:00 AM


On this episode we discuss the harmful effects of incineration and the importance of adopting alternative solutions - with two activists directly involved with stopping incineration plants in their municipalities. Our guests today are Dr. Courtney Williams from Westchester Alliance for Sustainable Solutions and JV Valladolid from Ironbound Community Corporation in Newark, New Jersey.

Sometimes it gets tiring to always have to be diligent about greenwashing attempts. As society finally catches up to what environmentalists and Eco-Logic have been saying for years, the world needs to find a way to tackle waste, both personal and commercial-- and it can't be incineration. For years it was assumed that burning trash into ash made it go away, but that is far from reality.

Burning trash unleashes deadly toxins into the environment. Waste does not just disappear when burned. And on a societal level, guess where incinerators are most often found?-- In low-income and people of color communities where people don't have the political clout to stop the facilities nor the finances to move away from the direct effects of the pollution. The pollution from every incinerator goes into the global atmosphere.

Our news reports this week cover a new pause in LNG export permits; the immense CO2 emissions of jet airplanes; and pending New York State bottle bills, S4947 and S237B.

We have environmental music for you: Bill Steele’s song "Garbage" was a folk music standard in the '80s & '90s. We'll play Pete Seeger singing "Garbage" with a verse that he added.

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Join us next week, Wednesday, Feb 21, 2024 at 10a.m. EST as we discuss Attacks on Family Farms.

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