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Law and Disorder

Mon, Feb 12, 2024 11:00 AM


Hosts Michael Smith and Jim Lafferty talk with Katherine Gallagher, the lead attorney in the lawsuit filed by the Center For Constitutional Rights on behalf of Palestinian plaintiffs against Joe Biden, Antony Blinken and Lloyd Austin for complicity in genocide and failure to prevent genocide. We get more detail about the significance of this historic federal case.

Professor Benjamin Carter Hett revisits Law and Disorder to talk about the parallels of Donald Trump rising to power and Hitler. Hosts discuss numerous disturbing echoes throughout history with Hett. Professor Hett is a historian, a professor at Hunter College and a lawyer. He wrote a stellar biography of the great German leftist attorney Hans Litten, who cross-examined Hitler, almost stopping him from coming to power by exposing Hitler’s hypocrisy on using violence.

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