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Wed, Sep 20, 2023 10:00 AM


Our news segments include...
• Repair Cafés, a growing movement, and happening all over,
• government insurance for the nuclear industry: the Price-Anderson Act is about to be renewed for yet another 20 years, and
• the Farm Bill - another federal bill being renewed: will it help family farmers and wildlife, or subsidize megafarms? We have information on how to make your voice heard.

A massive amount of stuff goes into landfills that could be repaired if the manufacturers allowed it instead of making us buy new stuff all the time. A Right to Repair movement has been working to reverse that. Our guest is Kevin O'Reilly, Right to Repair Advocate and Board member with the Repair Association.

Back in the 20th century, people could repair cars, household appliances, and the like - they were all mechanical. What happened? Tune in to find out how the Napster controversy of 1999 got us into this “No Repair” mess.

Learn how the Right to Repair will affect food and medical bills alike.

• Why cant you repair your own stuff?
• Why do you have to buy new stuff all the time?
• What industries are most affected by not being able to repair their equipment?
• Which states are passing Right to Repair laws?
• Why do we need more of those laws?
• What's being done at the federal level?

We also have environmental music: Pete Seeger singing Bill Steele's “Garbage.”

For more on this issue tune in on Wednesday, September 20 at 10am.

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Join us next Wednesday, September 27, at 10am for the Health Dangers of Tritium with Dr. Arjun Makhijani and Dr. Gordon Edwards.

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