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Thu, Mar 30, 2023 10:00 AM


Although the 4T has not fulfilled everyone's expectations, it has, in four years, created a governing movement that is taking control of its energy resources (including the nationalization of lithium) and is adopting a role of regional leadership in Latin America: two sins the United States has not historically forgiven anywhere. In this episode Teri Mattson talks with Kurt Hackbarth, author of "No, AMLO Is Not Undermining Mexican Democracy" 

CODEPINK Radio is an energizing program focused on ending wars and militarism, and building a peace economy. Listen weekly to robust conversation and inspiration from grassroots peacemakers in places like Korea, Yemen, Venezuela and Iran, peacemakers in our nation's capital who are confronting warhawks in the White House and in Congress, and peacemakers in our communities who are modeling the actions of what a world of peace can look like. 



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