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Building Bridges

Mon, Mar 20, 2023 7:00 PM


‘We Fight For Bread & Roses Too’: A Women’s History Month Special

Prof. Lara Vapnek, author of Breadwinners: Working Women and Economic Independence, 1865-1920 and 

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: Modern American Revolutionary, who specializes in the history of gender and labor in

the US will talk about women as the breadwinners and who built unions, from fields to factories in the fight for

gender equity; for ‘bread and roses too’!


Mighty Gay Unions! Queer and Trans Labor Histories and Futures

Queer and trans workers have long been at the frontlines of intersectional solidarity, bridging identities and social movements. Annabelle Heckler, union researcher, cartoon artist, Painters Local 35 and Andrea Vilanueva a Retention In Care Specialist at the Howard Brown Health Clinic, which specializes in Gay and Trans Care in Chicago, Illinois and who sits on the bargaining committee of the Chicago, Nurses Assoc. which is in a contract dispute with Howard Brown, about layoffs and patient care talk about LGBTQIA+ people creating a formidable ally when faced with constant homophobic, and transphobic attack: labor unions.

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