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Law and Disorder

Mon, Mar 20, 2023 11:00 AM


Marjorie and Heidi interview historian Luke Stewart about his new book, “My Country Is the World: Staughton Lynd’s Writings, Speeches, and Statements against the Vietnam War.” Lynd traveled to Hanoi with Tom Hayden and Herbert Aptheker at the end of 1965 to the beginning of 1966 to try to open diplomatic channels between and U.S. and the Vietnamese. For that effort, he was denied tenure at Yale University and his passport was revoked.

Our other guest is the Detroit poet, scholar and civil rights activist, Dr. Gloria Aneb House. Julie and Heidi speak with Aneb about her life at the intersection of art, education and urgent political movements. She reads several of her poems and explains the inspiration for them, drawing on her decades-long background with the free speech movement in Berkeley, the civil rights struggles organizing sharecroppers in Alabama, her involvement in SNCC, and much more.
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