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Tue, Dec 27, 2022 7:00 AM


Please tune in for a day of programming from the Alan Watts Collection. It is yours for a contribution of $100 to listener-sponsored WBAI by calling our call center at 212 209 2950 or going to our donation site at give2wbai.org or by sending in a check to WBAI/Pacifica and mailing it to 388 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn NY 11217 and asking for the Collection.

You can hear the following programs from the Alan Watts Collection:

Intro to The Way Beyond the West
Insight and Ecstasy
Observations on the Beat Way of Life
Consciousness and Concentration
Return to the Forest
Spiritual Odyssey of Aldous Huxley
The Task of the Prophet
Intv with Dr. Dr. Chang Chang-Yuan
The Work of Sokei Ah Sasaki
Fundamentals of Eastern Philosophy
Fundamentals of Budhism
Discussion of Buddhist Mysticism
Truth and Relativity
Bhagavad Gita
Useless in Art
Reconciliation of Opposites
A Problem of Strategy
Parallel Thoughts East and West
The Fourth Way


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