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Mon, May 16, 2022 9:00 AM


Michael Smith Editorial On Kathy Boudin


Landmark Case Roe v. Wade Analysis

If the court overrules Roe, its expected that half the states will outlaw or severely limit abortion. Thirteen states with so-called trigger laws would immediately ban the procedure. Five states that have pre-Roe abortion bans could once again enforce them. And 14 states would ban abortions before fetal viability.

Guest - Attorney Marjorie Cohn - Professor emerita at Thomas Jefferson School of Law


Government Agencies Delay Food Safety FOIA Requests

Over the last half-century, FOIA requests became critical tools for both journalists and activists seeking to illuminate federal agency activities.Todays guest has experienced this frustrating process"first requesting information; then waiting years for respective agencies to respond; receiving either no reply or replies with much the data blacked out; and finally, being forced to sue.

Guest - Zach Corrigan, is a champion of food safety and senior attorney at Food and Water Watch.

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