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Talk Out of School

Sat, Nov 27, 2021 1:00 PM


Daniel will interview Tanesha Grant, CEO of two non-profits making a difference in the lives of NYC school children.

Tanesha Grant is the CEO of Parents Supporting Parents NY and Moms For Black Lives NYC. As the leader of these non-profits, Tanesha leads initiatives to empower and educate children from Black and Brown communities.

The laptop giveaway initiative and sensory boxes initiative both bring resources to families and gives children the technology and sensory items they should have. Her orgs have served over 400 children with brand new high-quality laptops. Her organizations work with HP to also secure printers with free ink for 2 years to give to families as well. Every week PSPNY holds a parent power hour to organize and win a permanent remote option. Her team focus on Equity in Education and Racial & Social Justice for all.

In her leadership roles, Tanesha and her team, collaborate with other grassroots organizations to build community Fridges, do community drives, and do community events in NYC and all over the nation.

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