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Fri, Jul 23, 2021 2:30 PM


Have you ever wished that the parking lots at the beach were shaded?  Have you wondered why that space is not used for solar energy?

Lindsay Audin, one of the stars of the renewable energy movement, is working to expand solar installations across the entire state with solar canopies over parking lots.  A solar canopy is essentially a shade structure with solar panels on top of i, keeping parking lots cooler while making free electricity.

Lindsay will explain the policy change needed to install solar canopies all over the state and how close we are to passing the necesary bill, A6838 - and how YOU can help.


Ken, Donna and Sally

When your air or water is clean, thank an environmentalist.  If not, become one!  'Nuff Said!

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Eco-Logic July 23, 2021 Solar Canopies with Lindsay Audin



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