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Wed, Jul 10, 2024 10:00 AM


Eco-Logic has done shows on Green Jobs before: in the energy industry, in repairs, farming, green architecture, and more. New York State has a new Green industry - cannabis.

This week's guests are Deivid Elliot from The New Grow Center and Eco-Logic Collective member Paul Presendieu from Sustainable Processing Solutions. They will discuss opportunities in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

There is a difference between how cannabis is grown now to when it was grown in secret. Market forces and market choices are much stronger now. Things were simpler then. We'll go into detail on what those difference are.

Growing any plant commercially is a green job on some level. From growing - mostly indoors; our climate is too humid for much outdoor cannabis farming - to processing and selling, this new industry is growing quickly, and needs lots of ancillary services as well as direct employees.

There are many resources for those looking to join the cannabis industry, from classes to web sites, governmental and private. Deivid Elliot learned from years working in Oregon’s longer-established industry, and now works in New York.

Growing, processing, and selling are all involved. Many skills learned in other industries can be applied within the cannabis industry just as skills learned in the cannabis industry can be applied elsewhere. Chemical and biological engineering is needed—as is HVAC (heat/ventilation/air conditioning), construction, testing labs, and soil testing are all needed.

The hemp industry is just re-starting after being shut down a century ago. It is part of the cannabis industry just as pot is. In the 19th century, the hemp industry was huge and it can be again. So far, the US is well behind other nations in hemp production and processing.

Our environmental stories today cover advancing solar in Florida, and a New Jersey rally commemorating the anniversary of the Lac Mégantic disaster.

We have some environmental announcements for you. This is Elders Week at the Summer of Heat Citigroup headquarters, starting with a press conference Monday morning, July 8th, and including a ticketed after-party Thursday evening, July 11th.

We want to let you know that Bethany Church in East Rockaway on Long Island is still helping Sandy Survivors. Ken Gale is going to be at a fund-raiser comic book convention on Saturday, July 20th, from 10am to 5pm at Bethany Congregational Church at 100 Main Street, East Rockaway, Long Island.

This week's environmental song is "Grow Your Own" by Tom Chapin.

Listen live anywhere in the world.

Join us Wednesday July 17th at 10am EDT for a discussion of what industry calls "chemical recycling."

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