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Hosted by: Mark Torres

Please tune in and show your support for PRA, the repository for Pacifica's wonderful, informative, entertaining and sometimes heartbreaking radio programs throughout our long history of presenting alternative radio broadcasts.

Tuesday 4/26 Pacifica Radio Archives Fundraiser special schedule on KPFK:

9:00am PRA Historic Collection Hour Mark Torres and Christine Blosdale

10:00am Sojourner Truth Margaret Prescod (Live)

11:00am Democracy Now (half show)

11:30am PRA Pitch

12:00pm Civil Rights collection Highlights

12:30am PRA Programming with Mark Torres and Christine Blosdale

1:00pm PRA highlights with Mitch Jeserich pitching

2:00 pm John and Alice Coltrane special with Maggie LePique and Michelle Coltrane

3:00pm Protest Music

4:00pm PRA Historic Collection Hour Mark Torres and Christine Blosdale

5:00pm PRA Voices that Change the World (pre-record)

6:00pm Climate Change Voices from the Frontline with Eric Mann

7:00pm Social Movement History with Eric Mann and Mark Torres

8:00pm Flashpoints with Dennis Bernstein Paul Robeson and Peeksill riots 1949

9:00pm KPFA Evening News

10:00pm Special Programming

11:00pm PRA Staff Live Pitch and Wrap

12:00am Broadcast ends Regular Station programming begins

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