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Natural Medicine: A Survivors Guide by Gwen Scott is for everyone! It contains over four hours of information about natural remedies that are available, inexpensive, and EFFECTIVE! There are seven segments in this 3-DVD set.

PART I - Emergency Remedies: what to do in an emergency if someone is burned, cut, food poisoned, etc.

PART II - Designer Supplements: how to save money by finding nutrients like CoQ-10 in natural food sources. Explains the positive impact supplements can have on your health.

PART III - Kitchen Remedies: using whole foods as remedies for many health concerns, like strong bones, ulcers, prostrate health, etc.
PART IV - Spices as Medicines: spices have traditionally been used as remedies in all cultures. Learn which spices to use and how to use them.
PART V - Teas as Medicinal: Teas and infusions of herbs for a variety of health concerns
PART VI - How to: make your own capsules, extracts, and medicinal broths and tonics.
PART VII - Healthy household cleaners: keep toxic cleaners out of your home and replace with healthy, inexpensive, natural cleaners that work.

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