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Hosted by: Malika Leigh Whitney

Malika Lee Whitney
UNTITLED is a multi-discipline arts focused program produced and hosted by Malika Leigh Whitney performing artist, educator, author and activist.

UNTITLED features special guests, commentary and a vibrant events calendar.

MALIKA LEE WHITNEY is Artistic Director of Pickney Productions, an arts, culture and education consortium based in Harlem. Her work as a performing artist and producer is well known for presenting culturally relevant content for audiences of all ages.

Global travels to Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, Central and South America has enriched her connection to the communities she serves as an educator and social activist.

Addressing the disconnect that sometimes exists between generations is a commitment she is pledged to change. The Significant Elders Intergenerational Project and the Double Dutch Dreamz Jump RopeTraining Program are but two initiatives toward that goal.

Coordinating school programs, through residencies as well as staff development and parent engagement workshops continues to be a very meaningful teaching and learning experience and career path.

Formerly working as a publicist for popular Jamaican Reggae artists, writing music articles for several publications inspired her critically acclaimed book Bob Marley Reggae King of the World.

Current involvement with independent film includes consulting, promotion, community engagement initiatives and moderating talkbacks and panels at major festivals and venues.

Creating designs for wearable protest art has been an important tool for advocacy and activism by bringing increased awareness around issues that enlighten and empower community towards making change.

At WBAI Radio producing arts, public affairs, and music programs including the popular show “Pickney Place,” a storytelling themed broadcast has endeared her to listeners for many years.

Malika Leigh Whitney an Interfaith Minister, shares the hope of many for human rights, truth, justice and world peace.

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