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  • Queer Campus Activists Against Gaza Genocide   -
  • On the afternoon of May 1, SUNY New Paltz students began a peaceful encampment to urge the campus administration to stop financially supporting companies that contribute to Israeli apartheid. 36 hours later, over 50 state troopers entered campus and viole - FM, queer students and faculty from colleges in New York and California will describe their experiences of intimidation, suppression and violence as they support Palestinians. They challenge the way their colleges collude with the Zionist s
  • Google Fires Anti - Apartheid Workers
  • In mid - April, Google abruptly terminated at least 50 workers for protesting Project Nimbus which has made the tech giant complicit in Apartheid Israel's Gaza genocide — though the organizers insist that some of the workers who were fired were
  • Queers Protest LGBTQ Advocacy Group's Collaboration with Pro - Israel Propaganda Organization
  • We will present voices from the protest of the Gaza genocide last Saturday during the annual Media Awards ceremony of one of the largest, best - funded LGBTQ defense organizations, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation or GLAAD. GLAAD is a 40

Queer Campus Activists Against Gaza Genocide; & Google Fires Queer Anti-Apartheid Workers & GLAAD Media Awards Disrupted Over ADL Ties

  • Emmaia Gelman, Brandon Cuicchi and Noor -
  • Together by Betty -
  • Hinds Hall by Macklemore -

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