Everything Old is New Again

Sun, Nov 19, 2023 22:00 PM

Hosts: David Kenney
  • Featuring Vic Damone, Count Basie, Karen Akers & More -

This week of Everything Old Is New Again, we feature the music of 

Vic Damone

Some of the songs from his career that we will hear:

  • I Have But One Heart
  • Billy Hill’s The Glory Of Love
  • An Affair to Remember (Harry Warren / Leo McCarey and Harold Adamson)
  • Porgy And Bess Medley with Judy Garland
  • of course, You’re Breaking My Heart
  • and On the Street Where You Live

We’ll Listen to Four Renditions of Once Upon A Time with music by Charles Strouse and lyrics by Lee Adams for the score of All American with performances by

  • Ray Bolger and Eileen Herlie
  • Tony Bennett
  • Diahann CarrollJonathan Karrant

Album Pick of the Week:

The Count Basie Orchestra - Swings The Blues

You Must Remember This
Previously Released Albums to Keep In Mind:

Karen Akers - Unchained Melodies

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