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Alexei Kondratiev was an amazing human being whom we want to share with you. He was a teacher on a wide variety of subjects, he was an anthropologist, a philosopher, a linguist who spoke more than 60 languages, he preserved endangered languages, an author of both fiction and non-fiction and loved by many. He was one of the foremost Celtic, Arthurian, and Tolkien scholars in the U.S. Alexei was a birder and a team leader in the Queens Christmas Bird Count. He also was an accomplished harpist.

On this episode of Eco-Logic, Alexei talked about how religions throughout the world this time of year follow natural cycles of Earth, specifically the Winter Solstice. We talked about various world cultures, the Western money economy's effect on Indigenous cultures, ways that we all are in touch with nature, the relationship between different "competing" religions, all kinds of stuff that we could fit into a one-hour show.

His amazing intellect is preserved for your enjoyment in this episode of Eco-Logic.

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