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  • International Negotiation Committee on Plastic Pollution talks -
  • NuScale Small Modular Reactor company loses major customer -


Food workers are on the front lines of climate change and food sources around the world are in trouble. It’s important to know the full story of how our food gets to us. The TV show “From Scratch” literally travelled around the world to help us do that.

David Moscow is the host of “From Scratch”, which explores the planet's complex and interconnected food supply, which came about because David wanted to use his acting career (“Big”, “Newsies”, etc.) to make the world better. Not many TV shows have books, but this one does! Jon Moscow, David’s father, joined him in bringing the stories and some recipes to book form.

In creating a show to help us reconnect with food sources, David met with

  • fisherfolk,
  • farmers,
  • scientists,
  • community activists,
  • historians,
  • hunters,
  • and more.

David will tell us about the various communities and environments he visited, some thriving, some in jeopardy, all interconnected with food. Learn current realities of climate change, food production, tradition and new technologies, from his discussions with workers as they process the difficult choices and potentially fraught outcomes they face.

Starting with a chef’s dish, David goes out to gather, by traditional means, every ingredient, then returns to the chef’s kitchen and attempts to recreate the dish.

The uplifting, inspiring, and sometimes troubling chapters of the book cover such items as oysters in Long Island, pizza on the Amalfi coast of Italy, ancient potatoes in Peru and Utah, and more. We learn about the history of food and how it sustains culture and community, including how the need to protect cod was part of the call for a new constitution in Iceland.

You’ve never heard a food-oriented radio show like this one!

In addition, we discuss

  • an international meeting on plastic pollution
  • small modular nuclear reactor programs having trouble getting funding outside government sources

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Join us next Wednesday, Dec 13, 2023 at 10 a.m., to hear about a court decision regarding PFAS “forever” chemicals.

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