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Eco-Logic has had some great books cross our path. Some of the publishers or authors have donated copies to WBAI. Among the most recent are two new science-oriented books—The Secret Perfume of Birds and Exploring Tritium Dangers.

There have been many authors who have written books using their science backgrounds in ways that a nonscientist can easily read them. Rachel Carson, John Gofman, Stephen Jay Gould, Richard Ellis, Abby Hafer, and Michio Kaku all come to mind. Eco-Logic sees many environmental books in that vein. Among the most recent are The Secret Perfume of Birds and Exploring Tritium Dangers. These books are written for anyone who is curious about their topics and wants to learn more. As on our show, the authors—Danielle Whitaker and Arjun Makhijani—write conversationally, bringing their subjects to life in engaging and informative style.

Today we look back at the shows we did with Danielle and Arjun, and invite you to explore further with our Science Book Club package, or to donate for just one of the books that sparks your interest.

The widespread unsubstantiated belief that birds have no sense of smell irked evolutionary biologist Danielle Whittaker. That led her to research on humans’ sense of smell and how our own immune systems affect our choice of spouses. Exploring the science behind the myth started her investigating such mysteries as how birds win fights, why cowbirds smell like cookies, and why we kiss. In The Secret Perfume of Birds—part science, part intellectual history, and part memoir—Whittaker uses humor, clear writing, and a compelling narrative to create a book that is as much a celebration of science as it is about birds specifically.

Many people don’t understand how hazardous radioactive tritium is to our health—especially to pregnant moms and their fetuses; even exposure before pregnancy is dangerous. Dr. Arjun Makhijani explains clearly why tritium is one of the most dangerous substances in the human ecosystem. The industry lies about tritium being no big deal, and many otherwise intelligent activists accept that. In order to justify dumping radioactive waste into local waterways, the radioactive polluters try to convince people that tritium is not harmful. Even some environmentalists are accepting and repeating industry lies. Exploring Tritium Dangers is comprehensive yet easy-to-read, and you will have a new recognition of the risks we run.

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