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Thu, Sep 21, 2023 19:00 PM

Hosts: Margaret Kimberley
  • China – U.S./China relations at a pivotal moment. -
  • The Beloved Community – How a Chicago organization works to prevent violence -
  • Partisan gerrymandering – State legislatures draw lines that disenfranchise millions of voters -

On this week’s segment we hear about a Chicago organization that works to create the Beloved Community in its efforts to stop violence. Also the Supreme Court of Kentucky will rule on whether partisan gerrymandering is allowed under its state constitution. But first, we discuss U.S. hostile relationship with China and how that nation is responding.

Danny Haiphong is a long time Black Agenda Report contributing editor. He is now the host of his own youtube channel. He joins us from New York City to discuss his recent trip to China, and his thought on US relations with that country.

Orion Meadows is a non-violence trainer with Institute for Nonviolence Chicago. Its mission is to build the beloved community that was envisioned by Martin Luther King as a means of combatting violence. Orion Meadows joins us from Chicago to discuss his work.

Michael Li is Senior Counsel in the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center for Justice. He joins us to discuss the issue of gerrymandering in the state of Kentucky. A case before that state’s supreme court will decide if partisan gerrymandering, which in this case favors republicans, violates that state’s constitution. Few efforts to defeat partisan gerrymandering in southern states have been successful so far and the loss of voting rights act enforcement has only worsened the imperative for partisan gerrymandering. Michael Li joins us from New York City.

  • Danny Haiphong – Host of Danny Haiphong Youtube channel -
  • Orion Meadows – Non - violence trainer with Institute for Nonviolence Chicago
  • Michael Li - Senior Counsel in the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center for Justice

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