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Thu, Sep 14, 2023 19:00 PM

Hosts: Margaret Kimberley
  • Nicaragua – Analyzing corporate media war propaganda against that nation. -
  • Chanetto Rivers – A mother wins a judgement against the City of New York for illegally removing her infant from her custody. -
  • Stop Cop City – Georgia officials charge protesters with RICO statute crime. -

In this week’s segment we learn about a successful judgement against the City of New York after a newborn was illegally separated from his mother, and how dissent is criminalized in Georgia against Stop Cop City protesters. But first we hear about just one example of corporate media bias against the nation of Nicaragua.

Camila Escalante is an editor for Kawsachun News and a Latin America correspondent for Presstv. She joins us from Managua, Nicaragua to discuss a recent segment of the National Public Radio podcast, Upfirst, which featured an interview with Eyder Peralta, an NPR correspondent who reported on a recent visit to Nicaragua in which he made many untrue statements. We will discuss how corporate media spread the state’s propaganda.

Anne Venhuizen is an attorney in The Bronx Defenders' Impact Litigation Practice. She joins us from New York City to discuss Bronx Defenders litigation on behalf of Chanetto Rivers, whose newborn baby was taken from her illegally by the Administration for Children’s Services. Bronx Defenders secured a $75,000 judgement from the city of New York on behalf of Ms. Rivers. We will discuss her case and the problematic nature of what is supposedly to be child protection.

Christopher Bruce is Policy Director of Georgia ACLU. He joins us from Atlanta to discuss the indictments of 61 Stop Cop City activists in Atlanta and the criminalizing of dissent.

  • Camila Escalante – Kawsachun News -  
  • Anne Venhuizen – Bronx Defenders -
  • Christopher Bruce – ACLU of Georgia -

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