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Sat, Jul 29, 2023 05:00 AM

Hosts: R. Paul Martin & Pickles of the North
  • COVID~19 deaths in America - 1,135,919 fewer than last week's death toll.
  • Climate crisis - Study says Norther Hemisphere heat waves “virtually impossible” without climate change.
  • Conversion therapy for LGBT+∞ minors - Banned by law in Michigan.
  • Rudy Giuliani - admits he broadcast lies about Georgia election workers.
  • Leon Skum - Cancels Twitter and blue bird bird with X.

Leon Skum Strikes Again! Hot Stuff! Rudy Did It!

We talked about Leon Skum suddenly changing Twitter to "X" and banishing the bluer bird in the process. We talked about the intense heat that's breaking records all over the Northern Hemisphere, and how this was all predicted, but it's happening decades sooner than had been expected. Pickles of the North read some poems about snow. We talked about Michigan banning so-called "conversion therapy" of LGBT+∞ kids.

  • Guests? Guests? We don't got no guests. We don't need no stinkin' guests! -
  • Barracuda - Heart
  • Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty

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