Sat, Jul 8, 2023 06:00 AM

Hosts: Ken Gale, Donna Stein, Sally Gellert
  • rail - safety legislation (N.J. A5605/S4094)
  • 10th anniversary of runaway train explosion in Lac Mégantic, Quebec (July 6, 2013, ~1:00 a.m.) -
  • recent derailments in East Palestine, Ohio and Yellowstone River, Montana -


Our guest on this episode is Paula Rogovin of the Coalition to Ban Unsafe Oil Trains about their 10-year fight for rail-safety legislation, motivated by the Lac Mégantic derailment almost exactly 10 years ago, July 6, 2013, that killed 47 people and completely destroyed the downtown; rivers of oil on fire poured down the street, destroying homes and businesses along the way. We’ll also talk about several other derailments, including, of course, East Palestine, Ohio in 2022 and over the Yellowstone River in Montana 2 weeks ago.

We’ll discuss the potential danger of unsafe oil trains, what makes them unsafe, and what safety measures are still needed. First responders—at least!—need to know what is going through their towns, inspectors need to have time to do their jobs completely, and real-time digital information needs to be better communicated.

We open the show with information about

  • sargassum seaweed and plastic in the ocean combining to put flesh-eating bacteria on beaches in Florida, Africa, Mexico and the Caribbean,
  • an article in The Lancet about the health effects of clean air and water,
  • a very principled divestment attempt with UUA,
  • the plan to put radioactive materials on Florida roads and how to stop it,
  • why tritium (radioactive hydrogen) is truly dangerous to our health,
  • the Hudson Canyon National Marine Sanctuary southeast of the Statue of Liberty - the first public meeting is Thursday, July 13,
  • National Green Amendment Day Thursday July 13 - bringing Green Amendments beyond the three states that already have them.

We also have environmental songs: Johnny Cash’s Come Along and Ride This Train and Gordon Lightfoot’s Canadian Railroad Trilogy (part 1).

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  • Paula Rogovin - Coalition to Ban Unsafe Oil Trains
  • Eco - Logic theme medley
  • Johnny Cash - Come Along and Ride This Train
  • Gordon Lightfoot - Canadian Railroad Trilogy (part 1)

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