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Thu, May 25, 2023 19:00 PM

Hosts: Margaret Kimberley
  • 1. Black movement in Brazil -
  • 2. Expunging criminal records -
  • 3. Durham Report and the FBI -
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Natalia de Campos is an organizer with Defend Democracy in Brazil Committee, known as DDB-NY. Members of Brazil’s Black women’s alliance will be in New York at the united nation’s forum on Afro Descendants. We are also speaking with Wania Sant’Anna joining us from Rio de Janeiro. She is a member of the Brazilian Black Coalition for Rights, an historian, and researcher of gender and ethnic/racial relations. She is a former Secretary of Human Rights of Rio de Janeiro, Councilor of the National Council of Women's Rights, and consultant for the Pro-Gender and Race Equity Program and Diversity Committee of Petrobras and current President of Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analysis.

Jay Jordan is CEO of Alliance for Safety and Justice and he also serves as Co-Founder and National Director for the program Time Done, whose 200,000 members have advocated for more than 8 million people to seal their records and access employment and other opportunities which had been denied them. Jay Jordan joins us from New York City.

Margaret Kimberley was recently a guest on the Sputnik program, The Critical Hour, with co-host Garland Nixon. She discussed the Durham Report and the FBI’s history of violating the law.


  • Wania Sant Anna and Natalia de Campos – Defend Democracy in Brazil Committee -
  • Jay Jordan – Time Done and Alliance for Safety and Justice -
  • Garland Nixon – Co - host of The Critical Hour

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