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Sat, May 6, 2023 05:00 AM

Hosts: R. Paul Martin & Pickles of the North
  • According to the CDC Web site COVID~19 cases in the United States of America - 104,618,931.
  • According to the CDC Web site COVID~19 deaths in the United States of America - 1,131,819.
  • According to the CDC Web site Weekly average of COVID~19 deaths in the United States of America since our last program - 1,109.
  • Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas - There are more scandals about this guy!
  • Montana state House Republicans - Ban Democratic transgender legislator for her speech.
  • World Health Organization - Says the public health emergency of international concern around COVID
  • The Middle Third  - Has begun!

The Middle Third is Here! Clarence Thomas Likes to Get  Gifts.

We talked about the Middle Third having arrived. We talked about Clarence Thomas and his wife engaging in activities and accepting gifts from right-wing rich guys that sure do look like a quid-pro-quo was going on. We talked about transgender legislator Zooey Zephyr being banned from the floor of the Montana House of Representatives because of her debate against an anti-trans bill. We talked about a tiny item from Scientific American that says that the oldest tools in the world have been found; they're 2.9 million years old. We talked about the pandemic. We talked about King Chuckie III a little bit.

  • Guests? Guests? We don't got no guests. We don't need no stinkin' guests! -
  • Barracuda - Heart
  • Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty

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