Sat, Apr 15, 2023 06:00 AM

Hosts: Ken Gale, Donna Stein, Sally Gellert
    Synopsis: We open every episode of Eco-Logic with news and information. This week, we're telling you about lawyers supporting environmental activists, the Willow Project, offshore salmon farms, an update on Holtec dumping radioactive wastewater into the Hudson River, and a solar canopy on a Croton, NY parking lot.

    Our guest on this episode of Eco-Logic is Mark Scully, president of People's Action for Clean Energy (PACE), with a mission of "transition[ing] Connecticut to clean energy through grassroots education and advocacy, [with their] 100PercentCT Project."

    There are exciting advances in solar, which is why we do so many shows on it. Solar canopies are a hot topic in Connecticut and NYS, and surely other places.

    One of the best solutions to the climate crisis is to replace fossil fuel use with solar energy, especially when that solar energy does not replace forest or farmland. Tune in to hear how PACE is working with individual towns and cities in Connecticut to develop plans to reach the state's goal of 100% renewable energy. The process includes identifying already-used land, such as parking lots, that can have solar canopies put over them.

    In urban areas, rooftops and parking lots abound, as does the demand for lots of energy - a great opportunity for distributed generation of clean energy.

    We also have environmental and protest songs: Mercy Van Vlack singing "Free Harbors" by Ray Korona and Sharon Abreu singing "Waters of the World" from her CD, Penguins on Thin Ice Musical Revue.

    Tune in to hear our guests and environmental music. We are looking forward to taking your calls on the subject - so get up early and call in! We really do love to hear from our listeners!

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    Join us next week, Saturday, April 22nd, for our 2-hour Earth Day Special from 6 to 8 a.m. Check this web site for further details. Bob Hennelly of "What's Going On" will be one of our guests.

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    When the air or water are clean, thank an environmentalist. If not, become one. 'Nuff Said!

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