Sat, Apr 8, 2023 06:00 AM

Hosts: Ken Gale, Donna Stein, Sally Gellert
    Synopsis: We start each show with News and Information, and this week we'll be talking about increasing solar energy in Connecticut, in a decentralized way with towns and activists working together; what happened at the United Nations first Water Conference in 46 years, and what might happen as a result; opposition to Spain's proposed inhumane octopus aquaculture, and why octopuses should not be farmed for food; and "guerilla crosswalks" that have been popping up in the middle of the night in several cities.

    Our guests will be Manna Jo Greene, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater's Environmental Action Director, and David Allen, who is representing the town of Cortlandt.

    Holtec is still planning to dump radioactive water from Indian Point into the Hudson River - just as TEPCO, Tokyo Electric Power Company, is planning to dump water from Fukushima Daiichi into the Pacific Ocean.

    This Saturday April 8th, Manhattan Project for a Nuclear-Free World will hold a rally at the New York Public Library on 42nd Street and 5th Avenue at 1 p.m. to raise awareness of the discharge of radioactive wastewater into our environment on a global scale. The three of us intend to be there, as will the NYC Raging Grannies!, so please join us. For more info:

    Get your kayaks in the water. May 6th, the town of Cortlandt is hosting a kayaktivist protest against Holtec's planned dumping of radioactive waste water into the Hudson River. Thanks to Town Supervisor Dr Richard Becker and David Allen for organizing this event. Paddleboards, row boats, canoes, and sailboats welcome. For more info:

    We also have environmental and protest songs: "Power in the Earth" by Walkin' Jim Stoltz, and "Sailing Up My Dirty Stream" by Pete Seeger.

    Stay tuned,
    Ken Gale, Donna Stein, Sally Gellert & Charlie Olson

    When the air or water are clean, thank an environmentalist. If not, become one. 'Nuff Said!

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