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Hosts: Ken Gale, Donna Stein, Sally Gellert
  • Stop Cop City report -
  • Fukushima art display report back -
  • false alarm on a Paleozoic fossil -
  • bill in congress to ban nuclear weapons -
  • Ohio $1.5 Billion scandal on nuclear power -


Our freedoms took a hit this month when people attending a peaceful concert, including families with children, were attacked by police in the Atlanta Weelaunee forest. The police want to clearcut a big chunk of that forest to build Cop City, a training site for militarizing the police.

This comes soon after Tortuguita, a 26-year-old, nonviolent activist known for providing mutual aid was killed by police at the site. We have been outraged by similar killings overseas—Berta Cáceres’ murder in Honduras comes to mind—but this is the first such murder of an environmental protester in the U.S.A. This must not happen in this country or anywhere!

Our guest on this segment of Eco-Logic,Ted Glick, wrote an article on the situation in the Weelaunee Forest of Atlanta.

Also we have for you a report-back on the Fukushima art display, a false alarm on a Paleozoic fossil, a bill in congress to ban nuclear weapons, an Ohio $1.5 Billion scandal on nuclear power and more.

We also have environmental and protest songs by Bruce Cockburn and Public Enemy !

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Ken Gale, Donna Stein, Sally Gellert and Charlie Olson/TheEnvironmentTV

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  • Ted Glick - 350 NJ/Rockland, Beyond Extreme Energy
  • If a Tree Falls - Bruce Cockburn
  • Fight the Power - Public Enemy

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