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Hosts: Ken Gale, Donna Stein, Sally Gellert
  • 12th Anniversary, beginning of disasater at Fukushima, radioactive waste -
  • European Commission rejects investor - state dispute settlement
  • U.N. Water Conference -
  • Stop Cop City, Atlanta, update -
  • Holtec plan to dump radioactive water in the Hudson River -
  • Fukushima art exhibit, Gallery 128 -


An environmental disaster isn't over and done with when it is no longer front-page news. We'll describe some of the ways in which the radioactive waste from the ongoing Fukushima disaster affects you and me today.

12 years ago, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant was hit with a tsunami that ultimately triggered a series of hydrogen explosions. The resulting radioactive waste has been poisoning the ocean and the air ever since.

The most encouraging news we have for you is about The European Commission finally saying no to ISDS. They have proposed a full exit from the corporate-controlled Energy Charter Treaty! Tune in for more of the story.

We’ve all seen photos of the world’s largest rivers polluted and dammed. The U.N. may be taking action this month to improve the health of the world’s rivers at the first U.N. Water Conference in almost 50 years. There are many indigenous groups from all over the world that are involved in U.N. conferences. Let’s hope they are a real part of this one.

In addition to opening people's eyes to what is happening on our shared planet we bring you environmental news about a cyclone destroying 400,000 square kilometers of sea ice, about plastic in the ocean, today just as it was in 1972, concerns about nuclear power plants in Ukraine, and Japanese nuclear weapons.

We have news updates for Cop City in Atlanta, dumping of radioactive water in the Hudson River and thelack of NRC regulations about earthquakes.

Clearwater, Riverkeeper and other environmental organizations ask for community members to submit comments to the US Army Corps of Engineers to reject storm surge barriers and prioritize nature-based solutions. The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater recently submitted comments on a proposal from the US Army Corps of Engineers to protect the NYNJ Harbor and upriver areas from storm surge in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. The USACE put forward five proposed alternatives in 2018 to combat sea level rise, including a massive sea wall across NY Harbor. The tentatively selected alternative (3B) consists of a combination of shoreline measures and shoreline walls, as well as 12 storm gates across NYC tributaries, which poses threats including to local water quality and public access. Clearwater calls for equal and joint consideration of sea level rise, locally driven resilience projects, prioritization of nature-based solutions, a comprehensive and revised Cost Benefit Analysis, consideration of risks to Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, infrastructure, and both brownfield and superfund sites.

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers announced an extension of the comment period to March 31.

We also have environmental songs by John Hall and Cecelia St. King!

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