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Hosts: Ken Gale, Donna Stein, Sally Gellert
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Eco-Logic is two hours of solar energy this week! The first hour we bring you solar innovators in Puerto Rico bringing a local solar grid, a solar radio station and self-governance! Arturo Massol Deyá of Casa Pueblo and Angel Roman, a member of Radical Elders, will be our guests. Arturo and Angel are inspirational, practical, interesting and down-to-earth.

Solar energy is helping Puerto Rico recover from the multiple hurricanes and consequent black-outs it has experienced in past years. Casa Pueblo provides a great template for the practicalities of solar energy to supply multiple needs--from employment to schools to communication to self-governance.

The second hour has more of a local focus, as we bring you excerpts from the Solar in the City episode of Eco-Logic that, together with a NYCAG panel, was influential in getting commercial solar net metering in New York State. Ken and Eco-Logic collective member JK Canepa were instrumental is making that happen. As we look to make more changes to New York laws—whether to stop Holtec from dumping radioactive waste into the Hudson River, or to close incinerators—we need to look back at what worked.

As our regular listeners have heard us say solar energy is a direct replacement for poison power, King CONG energy - coal, oil, nuclear, gas and megadams. It gives more employment per dollar spent and watt saved than any of the poison powers. Political will is a key. We'll be showing how the people of New York City affected the political will of New York State.

John Siciliani of Brooklyn, a panelist in our Solar in the City DVD, sent solar panels to Puerto Rico in 2017. “Not quite paper towels but they are slightly more useful. #puertorico”

Anthony Pereira, another panelist on our DVD, actually installed the solar panels on top of 4 Times Square where WBAI's transmitter is located. Richard Klein of Quixotic Systems in Manhattan and Tom Gately of Queens are also on the panel. You can see one of the first solar arrays Richard Klein put up by looking east from the corner of 6th Ave & west 4th St.

News items in the first hour include Greenpeace activists boarding a Shell oil rig and the State University of Albany taking severe action against Professor David O. Carpenter. “The ongoing disciplinary investigation was prompted by a Freedom of Information Law request filed a year ago by an attorney with a Missouri law firm that represents the Monsanto Company in toxic-pollution cases it has faced across the nation.”

Tune in to hear our guests and environmental music. We are looking forward to takimg your calls on the subject – so get up early and call in! We'd love to talk with you!

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