Sojourner Truth

Tue, Mar 14, 2023 16:00 PM

Hosts: Margaret Prescod
    Synopsis: The movement for an end to violence. And criminalization against sex workers has gained momentum in the past decades. US Prostitutes Collective, a Sex Worker Rights Network has made the case since its founding four decades ago, that poverty has.

    Everything to do with the existence of prostitution. In a recent event in San Francisco entitled Hookers and the House of the Lord was held in St. Francis Lutheran Church, US Pros made the case that quote, throughout many decades, sex workers have taken sanctuary in churches. To bring to public attention the brutal impact of criminalization and to protest police illegality and racism.

    End of mothers, they say, we're at the forefront of these struggles today. We bring you voices from that event. We live in a global world. We're all interrelated. So on Sojourner Truth, we work to bring directly to you news and views on local, national and international policies and stories that affect us all.

    And we draw out how those of us most impacted women, communities of color in other communities are responding. We also discussed the interrelationship between art and politics.

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