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Hosts: Ken Gale, Donna Stein, Sally Gellert
  • right to repair -
  • Swainson’s Hawk seen on Staten Island -
  • Danone sued by environmental groups for not addressing excessive plastic use -
  • glacier melt increasing with moulins lubricating the ground -
  • Environmental Integrity Project report on decline of EPA effectiveness -


We have a follow-up to last week's Right to Repair show, good news on the international fight against plastics, Indian Point risk assessment and the latest scientific study on glacial melt.

A new comprehensive study provides still more more scientific proof about melting glaciers, global warming, climate change, sea level rise and life style changes. Glaciers are melting faster than most scientists predicted. That's worldwide. Hundreds of glaciers.

Many awful things are front and center about this.

1. Sea level rise. This is more than just water on some streets at high tide, folks. This means flooded streets at low tide and flooded homes at high tides.

2. Glaciers are a source of drinking water for literally billions of people. Governments will decide who gets what little water is left and that will lead to rebellions throughout the world.

Louis Rossmann joins us to give us his reaction to the recently announced memorandum of understanding between John Deere and the American Farm Bureau.

One of the few positive outcomes of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh in 2013 where 1100 people died was a 2017 French law requiring companies to take effective measures to identify and prevent human-rights violations and environmental damages throughout their chain of activity; 3 environmental groups are using that law to sue Danone for not doing enough to curb plastic pollution.

On December 16th, the long-awaited risk assessment for Indian Point was released: community members have been asking for this for years, and will be sending comments during the 3- to 6-month public-comment period. The extended time is in recognition of the technical nature of the report. We’ll have more on upcoming shows as local advocates delve into the details.

There was a rare hawk sighting on Staten Island - a Swainson's Hawk from the west, they usually migrate to South America for the winter. A young Swainson’s Hawk is eating rats on Front Street on Staten Island

President Biden was supposed to be a proenvironment president; how has his administration done? Not very well, according to the Environmental Integrity Project—in fact, the average results of the 2005–2008 Bush EPA were better—in large part because of Biden’s EPA having a lower budget and fewer employees after Congressional budget cuts.

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