Folk Radio

Thu, Dec 8, 2022 22:00 PM

Hosts: This week's host: Alan Podber
    Synopsis: Featuring music by The Delaware Water Gap string band.
      • All selections by The Delaware Water Gap string band: -
      • By the Rivers of Babylon (David Brody, fiddle) -
      • Take Me to the Land of Jazz (David Brody, fiddle) -
      • Crazy Creek (David Brody, fiddle) -
      • I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter (David Brody, fiddle) -
      • Christmas in the Morning/Sonny’s Mazurka (David Brody, fiddle) -
      • Liza Jane (David Brody, fiddle) -
      • The Roving Cowboy (Bill Garbus, fiddle) -
      • Arkansas Traveler/Staten Island (Bill Garbus, fiddle) -
      • Over the Waterfall (Carolyn Dutton, fiddle) -
      • The Deserter (Carolyn Dutton, fiddle) -
      • The Sea Captain (Carolyn Dutton, fiddle) -
      • Sweet Georgia Brown (Carolyn Dutton, fiddle) -
      • Come Dance and Sing (double banjo) -
      • I Got What It Takes But It Breaks My Heart to Give It Away (Carolyn Dutton, fiddle) -
      • Jackson Stomp (Carolyn Dutton, fiddle) -
      • Growling Old Man and Woman (Carolyn Dutton, fiddle) -
      • Georgia Railroad (Carolyn Dutton, fiddle) -
      • If I Lose (Carolyn Dutton, fiddle) -
      • Whiskey Before Breakfast (Carolyn Dutton, fiddle) -
      • Left All Alone Against Blues (Carolyn Dutton, fiddle) -
      • Cherokee Shuffle (David Brody, fiddle) -
      • Wild Hog in the Woods (David Brody, fiddle) -
      • Carolan’s Concerto (David Brody, fiddle) -
      • I Wish I Was in the Wagon Yard (David Brody, fiddle) -
      • Swipesy Cakewalk (David Brody, fiddle) -
      • I Truly Understand that You Love Another Man (David Brody, fiddle) -
      • Snowflake Reel (David Brody, fiddle) -
      • Dinah (David Brody, fiddle) -
      • Hi - Flyer Stomp (David Brody, fiddle)
      • Drowsy Maggie/Red - Haired Boy/Wind that Shakes the Barley (David Brody, fiddle)
      • Barnyard Dance (David Brody, fiddle) -
      • I Ain’t Got Nobody (David Brody, fiddle) -

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