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Synopsis: Danielle Whittaker started her scientific career as a primate researcher, and various unplanned turns led her to focus on birds' sense of smell. In turn, that led her to research on humans' sense of smell and how our own immune systems affect our choice of spouses.

The widespread unsubstantiated belief that birds have no sense of smell irked evolutionary biologist Danielle Whittaker. Exploring the science behind the myth started her investigating mysteries such as how birds win fights and why cowbirds smell like cookies. In "The Secret Perfume of Birds" - part science, part intellectual history, and part memoir - Whittaker uses humor, clear writing, and a compelling narrative to create a book that is as much a celebration of science as it is about birds specifically.

Our own immune system is much on our minds during this pandemic. What does a bird's sense of smell have to do with that? Tune in this Friday when we talk with author Danielle Whittaker - she has lots of new information about birds' olfactory sense and its chemistry, as well as stories about adventures in field research, so join us to hear directly from her. You'll love to hear about the bear in the aviary! The book will be available to you during the show.

Danielle can be reached at her web site or her twitter handle: @juncostink .

There is no show next week, join us in 2 weeks for the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act. Tune in on Friday, October 14th.

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