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Hosts: Paul Rowley, Sarah Germain Lilly, Ti Cersley and a revolving gaggle of hosts from Gays Against Guns.
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Radio GAG Activism:  Back to School Edition

After a summer that started with mass killings in Buffalo, NY, Uvalde, Texas and Highland Park, Illinois, September is almost here and it’s time to get back to activism. In June, SCOTUS ruled to curtail state’s rights to regulate gun ownership and that ups the stakes for Gun Violence Prevention Groups. Still, Legislators have crafted an assault weapons ban that passed our House of Representatives.  President Biden used his executive power to address ghost guns and other modest gun regulations were signed into law, for the first time in decades. Let’s get back into action.

Radio GAG, the Gays Against Guns Show interviews X Gonzales, the young queer activist who rocked the world with their speech at the March For Our Lives in Washington DC in 2018. 

After completing their Senior Thesis, X is poised to inspire voters and the public to reduce deaths and injuries from gun violence.

Then Abbey Clements, a teacher survivor from Sandy Hook Elementary school, talks about her work with Teachers Unify to End Gun Violence, a new group among a growing trend to organize professionals to advocate for gun safety.


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Produced by Sarah Germain Lilly, Contributor Libby Edwards interviews X Gonzales.

Sarah Germain Lilly interviews Abbey Clements, Teacher's Unify to End Gun Violence.

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