Fri, Sep 23, 2022 14:30 PM

Hosts: Ken Gale, Donna Stein, Sally Gellert
  • Connect the Dots:  Jobs and Energy -
Synopsis: Politicians rationalize their support of the fossil-fuel and nuclear industries by declaring that they are good for jobs. The truth is that renewable energy supplies more jobs per dollar or per watt than poison power does 

In this episode, we explain how the renewable energy industry does that. We also discuss the environmental degradation of poison power, what it does to our health, and how it fuels wars worldwide. 

Here in New York, Indian Point is being decommissioned by Holtec - what is their record in other projects? Is the Decommissioning Oversight Board responsive to community concerns? In New Jersey, Holtec is looking at small modular reactors - but is that really an answer? 

We'll explore a number of issues related to jobs and energy - join us! The good news is that green-energy jobs are plentiful and good for society and the planet! 

Tune in also 2:00 p.m. Friday, September 30th to learn about the chemical and olfactory life of birds. 1 Hour Special! 

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Ken Gale, Donna Stein & Sally Gellert 

When the air or water are clean, thank an environmentalist. If not, become one. 'Nuff Said! 

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  • Hosts are the Guests:  Ken Gale, Donna Stein and Sally Gellert -
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