Fri, Sep 9, 2022 14:00 PM

Hosts: Ken Gale, Donna Stein, Sally Gellert
  • Peace through Water: water issues, wars over water -
  • International Day of Peace -
  • human peace - sign circle
  • citywide moment of silence at noon -
  • outdoor concert -

Peace through Water

For 21 years Paul Sladkus has produced an event in Times Square for the International Day of Peace on Sept. 21st. Eco-Logic and WBAI are commemorating it this Friday, Sept 9th at a special time of 2 PM.

The theme of this year's event is “Peace through Water” — water issues, such as drought and access to clean water, are already causing political strife throughout the world. It won't take much for there to be wars over water.

The day will start with a human peace sign circle at 11 a.m., a city-wide moment of silence at noon, followed by an outdoor concert. In the evening, a special VIP concert at the Salvation Army’s CMT grand theatre is not to be missed!

With such an important international day, we have been offered an awesome premium unlike any we've ever had before to contribute to WBAI's fundraising. Listen in to find out what we have for you.

  • Rev. Paul Sladkus -
  • Eco - Logic Theme Medley
  • The Water Song - Ray Korona Band
  • Come Away Melinda - Uriah Heep
  • The Water Song - Mountain Maidens, intro by Marie Mularczyk

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