Living for the City

Wed, Oct 13, 2021 11:00 AM

Hosts: Michael G. Haskins
  • Many attend wreath laying at gravesite of former ‘Harlem Hellfighter’  -
  • On Tuesday, October 12, over two hundred people, comprised of many former veterans, politicians, community leaders and residents flocked to St. Paul’s Church, a Mount Vernon National Historic Site, to attend an unprecedented wreath laying memorial s -

Living For The City is a program focusing on telling stories—our histories, our perspectives--of local communities throughout our area, and beyond. If you have lived in NYC for any length of time, you know how difficult it is to get the media to report about a subject in-depth, tell the truth or even cover an issue. We examine those very issues--especially dealing with the real estate industry and the very powerful lobbyists.  We look at housing, land air and water use including sunlight and we do so truthfully, accurately and without any conflicts of interest.

  • Terrence Horton Developer and former Commissioner of Public Works  City of Mt Vernon New York. -
  • Bobby Rush -
  • The king of the contemporary chitlin' circuit, known for his raucous and red - hot mix of soul, blues, and funk
  • Active from: 1951 -
  • Genre: R&B, Blues, Soul, Modern Electric Blues, Soul - Blues, Contemporary Blues, Retro
  • Stevie Wonder Living For The City -
  • Bobby Rush  Down In Mississippi, I Ain't Studdin Ya, Don't Start Me To Talkin, Dust My Broom -

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