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Sat, Jun 12, 2021 05:00 AM

Hosts: R. Paul Martin & Pickles of the North
  • Covid~19 cases in the whole world - 175,009,480 on Friday.
  • Covid~19 deaths in the whole world - 3,776,273 on Friday.
  • Covid~19 cases in the United States of America - 33,433,539 on Friday.
  • Covid~19 deaths in the United States of America - 599,031 on Friday.
  • Covid~19 deaths in the United States of America since our last program - 2,088.
  • Covid~19 cases in India - 29,274,823 cases.
  • Covid~19 deaths in India - 363,079.
  • Covid~19 deaths in India since our last program - 22,377
  • The eclipse of June 10, 2021 - We talked about how we both watched it, and went over eclipses in general a little bit.
  • Adapting to the late pandemic time - Pickles of the North told about her experience going to the local laundromat for the first time in 15 months.
  • UFOs - The Pentagon says many things, some are probably true.
  • NFTs - Will Pacifica sell some? We talked about crypto~currencies too.

Eclipse, UFOs, Delusional Trumpoids and more.

We talked about a lake in Blue Heron Park in the state of Washington where there was a confrontation between a bigot boat and a pride boat. Bigot boat sank.

We talked about the current UFO issues, after the Pentagon issued its report. Yeah, they're not space aliens. But would, or could, the Pentagon tell us if these things were part of an experimental American project?

We talked about a controversy that came up at the WBAI LSB meeting regarding whether Pacifica should sell a non-fungible token, with the attendant crypto-currency carbon footprints involved.

Pickles of the North told about her first trip to the laundromat in 15 months.

We talked about Trump and his delusional pals, including the patent pillow crackpot who's saying Trump will be president again in August. We also now have a former general and national security advisor to the president calling for the overthrow of the government.

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  • Guests? Guests? We don't got no guests. We don't need no stinkin' guests! -
  • Barracuda - Heart
  • Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty

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