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Tue, Feb 13, 2018   8:00 PM


Eco-Logic discusses the future Tuesday Feb. 13. Home manufacturing. A new economy. Less reasons to ever leave home. Toy stores going the way of bookstores and video stores. 3D printing is already starting to have a profound effect on the economy, as businesses and consumers "print" what they want rather than buy it. Manufacturing has a built-in waste component and 3D printing will eliminate much of that, keeping pollution out of water and air and changing land use.Tens of thousands of schools and libraries already have 3D printers. Boeing is "printing" airplane parts. The next Eco-Logic will feature some artists using 3D printing to make their art, but we'll talk about the economic, ecological and legal effects 3D printing will have as it becomes more and more popular. Plus environmental news and announcements. Guests are Kurt Wendt and James Carpino. Co-host is Donna Stein.
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A small 3D printer made by James Carpino

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