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TrumpWatch with Jesse Lent

01/24/2018   6:30 PM


In a special one-hour episode of “TrumpWatch” on WBAI, host Jesse Lent talks to Taylyn about whether the 2018 Women’s March marginalized women of color and what event organizers could do to send a more inclusive message to the masses. Jesse and Taylyn also take listener calls and explore the ways that white women can be allies for black women in confronting issues like pay inequality and the intolerance inside families and peer groups.

It was the image of a pink pussy hat on the head of a Harriet Tubman statue in Harlem that set Taylyn Washington-Harmon off. Seeing the civil rights icon’s image coopted for a specific brand of modern feminism was something she found wrong on so many levels that it inspired her to write the Self magazine op-ed “Not My Pussy Hat: Why I Didn't Participate in the Women's March This Year.”

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Taylyn Washington-Harmon