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Health Action


Wednesday, February 4, 2015   2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Tune into a WBAI Health Action Pledge Drive Special: Cell Phones: Tobacco of the 21st Century
Wed., Feb. 4 from 2-4 PM Eastern time

Today Health Action will explore the critical public health issue of cell phone radiation. A mounting number of biological, animal, and human studies have found that electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices, especially cell phones, can damage our bodies and produce various types of cancer. Yet the medical establishment continues to obscure the issue. Government authorities tell us that the research is inconclusive, but they don't tell us that when you analyze the studies NOT funded by the cell phone industry, there is a much higher percentage that show evidence of harm. Nor do they tell you that many of the studies purporting to show no increased cancer risk are far too short to have ever shown any increased cancer rate, given that each cancer takes years to develop. Growing numbers of health experts are calling cell phones the tobacco of the 21st century.

We will be playing excerpts of the new investigative documentary film, Mobilize: A Film about Cell Phone Radiation. The film examines the most recent scientific research, follows national legislative efforts, and illuminates the influence that technology companies have on public health. Mobilize features interviews with numerous doctors, politicians, cancer patients, and technology experts.

On today's program we will also have a brief interview with one of the film's producers, Dr. Joel Moskowitz, Director of the Center for Family & Community Health at the University of California, Berkeley.

This program is part of WBAI's Winter Membership Drive, raising urgently-needed funds to keep this non-commercial, community station operating. The DVD will be available as a premium, so I hope folks will donate either by calling 212-209-2950 or going online at give2wbai.org.

For more information on cell phone dangers, visit Dr. Moskowitz's website, http://www.saferemr.com . Be sure and download his important fact sheet, "Some Tips to Reduce Your Exposure to Wireless Radiation."


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